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Advantages of VOIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has started to gain popularity over the past five years simply because people can make calls to others right through their computer. It’s a great option for someone who works at home running a business because you’re able to save a lot of money by not having


IVR telephone systems – Some general information

IVR telephone system stands for Interactive Voice Response Telephone System. IVR systems can now be found everywhere. This system enables a computer to be able to accept voice and keyboard inputs and respond accordingly. The IVR system is usually set up with pre-recorded audio that guides users through a set of options


Is a digital phone system a business asset?

A major question being considered by many organisations is whether they should go in for a digital phone system. Be the first to like.


Ideal information on VOIP phone systems

VOIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol service, is a phone system that has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years. VOIP phone system allows you to utilise a standard telephone in order to call any other phone through a telephone system that is connected to a public landline

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