Hawaiian Telecom Service and Support in Maui: A Few Considerations

by | May 26, 2016 | Phone Systems

It seems hard to believe how communications technology has changed as radically as it has in just thirty short years. Telephones and fax machines were about all that was available to keep businesses connected, and only the land-line telephone or large brick-like cellular phones -;little better than walkie-talkies-; kept us in touch with home. Thirty years later, it is a totally different world in terms of integrated networked communications which tie us to home, office, and internet anywhere, at any time. Any place where there is a wi-fi hotspot is a web connection for a mobile tablet device or iPhone. We can work remotely anywhere there is a connection, and contact virtually anyone worldwide on an Android. Communication is instant, and lightning-fast, instantly interconnected computing exceeds the wildest dreams of the pioneering scientists who developed those first primitive systems decades ago.

Hawaiian Telecom in Maui provides network solutions to thoroughly connect businesses with one another. In today’s 24/7 commercial environment, connection and speed are the twin pillars upon which any business now supports itself and its operations. There is not only in-house phone network architecture but server and wireless security to account for in the design of the communications infrastructure for a business. VOIP/PBX systems which facilitate convergent multi-service networking can make a huge difference in intra- and inter-office communication. Wireless LAN networks enhance IT efficiency and increase productivity. And fast, secure data uplink and protected web hosting requires precision engineering to prevent hacking attacks that can cripple a company’s communications and result in lost data or even system degradation in the event of a malware infiltration.

Likewise, Hawaiian Telecom in Maui is able to throughly connect the home to the modern communications and entertainment infrastructure. With the increasing switchover of homes to wireless internet and phone as well as satellite TV, networked solutions for the home have become every bit as essential as for businesses. And as telework, home-based business operation and remote commerce spread, the lines between home and commercial networking blur more and more with each year. Although the home office will never need a communications architecture as complex as a full-scale commercial concern, it too will require wireless web connectivity and security protection to insulate the home system from hacking.

Today’s world is complex. Both home and office require solutions to adapt to it and the exciting new changes coming in the future. Click here for more information.

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