VoIP Phones in New York City

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Telecommunication

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that provides users the opportunity of making calls using the internet, rather than making calls using a conventional analog telephone system. VoIP works by converting sound into digital communication, then transferring it through a broadband internet system. Using VoIP business phones makes a great deal of sense. It is less expensive, portable, flexible, and multi-functional.

The cost of a VoIP system from Intrinsic Technology Group is considerably less than using a conventional telephone. This is true for local as well as long-distance calls. VoIP is not tied to any one particular carrier. It is available for use anywhere there is an internet connection, which, currently, is almost everywhere. By logging on to any broadband connection, you can access your VoIP phone, and you will get a conventional dial tone. The ability to access any business from anywhere saves companies a great deal of money. Communication data is converted into data packets that, in turn, are transmitted over any broadband internet connection. Conventional telephone companies apply usage charges based on time. When you use VoIP, your only costs are your monthly internet bill from your provider.

Although most people use VoIP phones in New York for voice communications, it is not limited to just this. Also, VoIP makes video conferencing so much easier. It is a simple matter to transmit images, video, and text while you are communicating by voice. This feature alone improves your ability to make presentations from anywhere, greatly enhancing productivity and quality. Rather than travel to an office every day, VoIP phones in new york city make it easy to work from home or another remote site. Employees can now telecommute. It is now easy to connect from any remote location anywhere on the planet and communicate with customers or the home office. VoIP is free from drawbacks. What a company does get is a competitive edge by eliminating costly conventional telecommunications.

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