The Importance and Features of Cell Tower Installation in Minnesota

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Cell Phone Towers

Today, we see more cell tower installation than ever before. Cell phones operate on a low watt transmitter and receiver that requires a signal repeater within the range of the cell phone user. When a cellular phone user places a call from point A to E, repeaters located on cell towers for each point (B, C, and D) along the route will pass the call on to its final destination, the intended recipient, point E. You can quickly deduce that the number of cell phone towers required is directly proportionate to the number of people in a given cell phone calling area.

On Top of the World
As our global societys demand for cell phones and wireless connectivity has increased, cell tower construction. This rapid pace is dotting our landscapes along the way. But many times cell sites are not always installed on a tower. A large majority of cell sites worldwide is located on structures other than physical towers. The cell site antennas can be mounted on buildings or other existing tall structures. The bottom line increased cell phone sales means more cell towers/sites. You simply cannot have one without the other.

Cell Tower Camouflage
Tower construction firms are getting smarter about their cell phone tower installations. They can erect towers, or they can be inconspicuous and blend in with their surrounding environment. A stealth tower cell site can be camouflaged as a palm tree, ponderosa pine tree, saguaro cactus, large church cross in addition to more common placement on the tops light poles. Some of the most traditional types of towers include:

  • Monopole towers Less intrusive, easy to erect with a small base.
  • Self-support tower- Typically have three or four sides, a lattice structure and work well where space is limited.
  • Guyed tower Preferred by the industry for their design. Provides maximum strength, efficiency, versatility and ease of installation. They use supporting guy wires.

Stricter OSHA Safety Guidelines
There is also a proliferation of tower construction companies that handle the cell tower installation. Minnesota is no exception. The local population embraces cell phone usage at a comparable rate similar to other U.S. populations and urban city centers. Selecting a commercial tower construction company does provide you with options. Over the past several years, OSHA has released stricter safety guidelines and partnered with the tower construction industry to educate employers and crews to reduce preventable accidents. Certification and safety should be top of mind when choosing a commercial construction firm.

Since 2007, Thin Air Construction (TAC) has been dedicated to constructing, installing, and maintaining wireless communications networks. Their reputation for safety with a zero accident rate is a top priority. For more information about their services, go to Domain.

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