The Benefits of a VPN Security Service

The virtual private network (abbreviated as VPN) is becoming increasingly common for both business applications and home use. Implementing a VPN Security Service allows businesses to have their employees connect remotely and securely to company work servers. If you’re an individual, using a VPN will give you online privacy like you haven’t enjoyed before.

What is a VPN?

The safest network connection anyone can have is one that is closed loop system or intranet. IP technology is used, but all the data and servers are housed at one site with no access to the outside. This type of system is only used for the most secure sites and is cost prohibitive.

Since the vast majority of businesses and individual users are connected to the Internet, a method for public networks to emulate a private network was needed. This is what a virtual private network (VPN) does.

A VPN is a private network that uses the Internet to connect remote users. The “virtual” connections are routed from the private network of a business or your home through the Internet via an encryption tunnel. The encryption of the data sent back and forth on the VPN ensures that nobody with prying eyes can view what you are accessing. This makes VPN a great choice for businesses that employ a lot of off-site or work-from-home employees.

Why are the benefits of a VPN?

The main benefits of using VPNs are their strong security protocols and their lower cost than alternative secure internet systems.

VPNs use advanced encryption protocols that provide very high levels of security for all of those connected to the network. This protects you against data thieves, snoopers that try to gather data from your PC or any other person not authorized to have access to your VPN.

A VPN offers operating costs that are less than any traditional wide area network (WAN) solution, as well as reduced connection costs. The hardware and software both cost less and a VPN’s cost is fixed, which allows businesses to better recognize and budget for their operational expenses. Also, since users can access all of a company’s data from a remote location, productivity gains offer an even greater cost benefit.

If you think a VPN Security Service might be the right fit for you or your business, Business Name offers a full range of network solutions, including VPN.

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