Cloud Solutions – Advancing Your Business

Though today’s technology continues to grow and expand at quite a fast pace, one of the most notable, advancing and widely sought technologies is cloud solutions. Cloud computing, as it is commonly known, has been introduced as a way to add capabilities as well as increase capacity without the need to buy


A Comprehensive Guide To Help You Choose The Best Live Answering Service

Do you have any idea that you can lose both business and opportunities due to unanswered phone calls? This is a problem that many businesses face. That is the reason many entrepreneurs are opting for live answering service. Studies show that, if you do not answer phone calls promptly, there are about


IVR telephone systems – Some general information

IVR telephone system stands for Interactive Voice Response Telephone System. IVR systems can now be found everywhere. This system enables a computer to be able to accept voice and keyboard inputs and respond accordingly. The IVR system is usually set up with pre-recorded audio that guides users through a set of options


Is a digital phone system a business asset?

A major question being considered by many organisations is whether they should go in for a digital phone system. Be the first to like.

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