IVR telephone systems – Some general information

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IVR telephone system stands for Interactive Voice Response Telephone System. IVR systems can now be found everywhere. This system enables a computer to be able to accept voice and keyboard inputs and respond accordingly. The IVR system is usually set up with pre-recorded audio that guides users through a set of options that they are programmed to respond to. Any problems or issues within these specified options will be solved by the IVR telephone systems. IVR systems can considerably decrease the pressure on the employees as it eliminates the need of live representation in terms of customer care issues.

Benefits of IVR Telephone Systems

The biggest advantage of an IVR phone system is that it does not geographically bind you to one location. Client interaction services can be delivered from any part of the world and even in a different time zone. Thus, IVR can help in keeping pace with globalisation and considerably increase profits. Some of the other benefits of the IVR telephone systems include, checking of balances, easy access and ability to handle multiple calls, integration with other systems and processes, ability to transfer calls to other departments automatically. The ability of transferring the call is important, as there may be issues that the IVR system cannot handle.

Opportunities of growth for the IVR Telephone Systems

The IVR systems have found a large scope of application in the telecommunications industry and some other industries too. The IVR systems are also being tested for use in satellite navigation and hands-free driving systems. It is also being experimented in simpler applications such as automated weather and road condition updates. In the medical and healthcare industry, IVR telephone systems are used to give patients access to their test results without having to lose out on privacy.

It has also been proven that IVR telephone systems help in reducing call centre costs by 30%.

IVR telephone systems

IVR telephone systems

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