Is a digital phone system a business asset?

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Phone Systems

A major question being considered by many organisations is whether they should go in for a digital phone system.

What is a digital phone system?

A digital phone system is a system that uses the digital network with the help of a technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol. This system allows users to make calls through the Internet rather than the traditional telephone lines. What is attractive about the whole system is that there is no physical difference between a VoIP and a traditional telephone. There is still an instrument at the employee’s desk. But the instrument is connected to the network and not into the wall jack. The phone can make as well as receive calls like a traditional phone but it uses a different medium.

What are the advantages of a digital phone system?

One of the main reasons that organisation use VoIP, is to reduce costs. The cost of using VoIP for calls is much lesser, because the user does not have to pay the various charges that the telephone companies usually charge a customer. The only charge is that of the general Internet usage. Thus the local calls that are made are much cheaper and some of the VoIP services also allow international calls. This tends to cut down a lot of expenditure for the organisations.

There are features that a VoIP service provides that the traditional telephone does not provide. Many office going people have to give out one office number, one cell phone number and occasionally even their house number if they wish to telecommute. But a VoIP service can have a single number that will connect to all these three devices at once or in series, depending on your preference.

For the last twenty years this technology is being constantly developed and today it has become a well-established technology. Approximately 30% of international communications are now provided by VoIP systems. VoIP systems have been developed to a stage where a user can now have video chats with any person, at any distance. It also enables file sharing, professional networking and e-commerce solutions.

Thus, it can be seen that a digital phone system can provide a lot of extra features, at a price lesser than a traditional phone system.

digital phone system

digital phone system

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