Advantages of VOIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has started to gain popularity over the past five years simply because people can make calls to others right through their computer. It’s a great option for someone who works at home running a business because you’re able to save a lot of money by not having to be involved with any contracts. There are many advantages for one to use VOIP since people are getting away from the use of landline services.


As previously stated, VOIP Honolulu is a cheaper option than a landline contract plan with a local carrier. You can also make calls from anywhere around the world without having to face additional charges. Most plans tend to start at ten dollars for a basic plan. Business plans may cost a little more depending upon the company. Most businesses; however, tend to use Skype.

Talking To More Than One Person

Another advantage, especially for businesses, is the fact that you can talk to more than one person at a time. Most businesses tend to have conference calls with at least five or more people. The calls are crystal clear and they’re all on real time as if you’re just speaking to only one person. This would be one of the biggest advantages for VOIP simply because people who work from home can attend meetings without having to leave their bedroom or office.

Can Handle Multiple Media

You’re even able to send files to one another while being able to talk and see each other without having to disconnect to send the file.

No Need For A Fax Machine

Fax machines are just another thing of the past now since anyone is able to send and receive a fax through VOIP. All you really need is just a phone number and an email address. Some companies have a different technique on how to send a fax to someone so you would have to read their instructions that should be available on their site.

VOIP is not only just an option for making calls. You can also view video with another person while talking to them at the same time. Contact Website if you need more information.

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